Racy Russian curling pic storms the social media scene ahead of Sochi

The Eh Game

Well, that ain't exactly a standard issue curling outfit.

If you thought all you were going to get from the world of curling in the run up to the Sochi Games were funky pants from the Norwegian men's team, you were wrong.

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Anna Sidorova, the 22 year old skip of the Russian women's team that will represent the home country at the 2014 Olympics has captured the fancy of a number of media outlets, most notably the UK's Daily Mail.

Now that the mail has gotten a hold of Sidorova's racy lingerie pic and made it even more public, you can bet on that viral thing taking off.

Perhaps even making the words "curling" and "lingerie" good buddies in internet searches for the first time.

Not that she's the first curler to pose in such a way. For years, there has been a "Women of Curling" calendar put out by the The Curling News, in order to raise funds for charity.

That series has been tremendously popular, featuring the likes of Cheryl Bernard, Chelsea Carey, and Sidorova, too.

This year, the tables were turned, with the "Men of Curling" calendar being produced, featuring a brief-clad Mike McEwen on the cover.

That curlers are no longer flabby and out of shape has been long-known among fans of the game.

Recently, non-followers of the game have been clued in as to the well-toned physiques of the men and women of curling with photos like Sidorova's making the rounds as well as a Wall Street Journal story on the changing physical demands of the game.

Hurry hardbody, everyone. Hurry hardbody.

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