Lucky Loonie found in Sochi - by Yahoo

If you’ve been wondering if there’s a more Canadian place to hide a Lucky Loonie than under centre ice, the answer is yes. The 2014 version of the Lucky Loonie, Yahoo has discovered, is hidden away inside Canada House - in a beer fridge.

During a tour of Canada House on Thursday to check out the Molson Canadian beer fridge that has taken the world by storm, Tonia Hammer, Digital and Social Media Marketing at Molson Coors Canada, revealed a little secret: there’s a loonie taped to the bottom of one of the beer bottles inside the fridge.

“One of the fathers on Team Canada’s women’s team brought some loonies that he wanted to hide here in Canada House for every time the women won, an he asked us if we could keep them in the fridge,” Hammer told Yahoo’s Mike Pearce.

“We expect another one soon.”

The Canadian Olympic Committee confirmed Hammer’s account to Yahoo Canada.

Since 2002, it’s been a tradition for Canada to hide a “Lucky Loonie” somewhere at the Olympics. Ever since ice maker’s assistant Trent Evans dropped a loonie under centre ice at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Canada’s good-luck charm has appeared at countless international competitions. In 2010, Lucky Loonies were built into the concrete of the Olympic speed skating oval. Canada won four speed skating medals at the oval that year.

The Lucky Loonie is so engrained in Canadian lore, the Royal Canadian Mint now produces an official Lucky Loonie coin for each Olympic Games. Each member of the Canadian Olympic Team received one of the coins when they arrived in Sochi.

Alas, the loonie taped to the bottom of the beer bottle in Sochi is from 2012, so it isn’t one of the new ones, but it’s hard to argue that it isn’t doing the trick.

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