Koe and Hebert out of the line-up because of fondue? Curling Canada has a fun April Fools' Day

Kevin Koe: Cheese mishap? (Photo: Michael Burns/Curling Canada)

Ya got me, Curling Canada. For a moment, anyway.

In a pretty decent April Fools' Day prank, Canada's governing body for the sport of curling sent out a tweet this morning, that made you feel foolish if you retweeted it before clicking on the link to see all the details. 

Here's the tweet:


Yikes! Canadian curling fans could have had their hearts in their throats as they pondered their team playing this weekend without skip Kevin Koe and lead Ben Hebert. Food poisoning? Swiss quarantine? Oh no...

Here's the announcement on Curling Canada's Facebook page:

Screen shot of Curling Canada's April Fool's announcement on its Facebook page.

Nice touch, getting national coach Rick Lang to pose for a team photo, today, too. Apparently, the first version of the release sounded a bit too real, according to Curling Canada's Director of Media, Al Cameron. "So I added the fondue reference to take it to the border of ridiculous and serious!"


Sure, that Curling Canada prank sucked me in for a couple minutes but I have a good excuse, don't I? Moments before I saw it, I was given information by three credible sources that the Russian team that was practicing on Friday was a completely different one than the team that was supposed to be there. That is true. One source even told me they'd been told the original team, skipped by Alexey Stukalskiy had been "sent home sick." A picture of another team, skipped by Alexey Tselousov, then appeared on the World Curling Championship website.

This picture of a different Russian men's curling Team appeared on the World Men's Curling Championship website on Friday. 

The Russians do indeed have a different team ready to go at The Worlds. As of now, no reason as been given as to why, with a spokesperson from the World Curling Federation confirming only that a different team was practicing today.

Canada - with Koe and Hebert IN the line-up, one assumes, will begin the World Championship, on Saturday when they take on Finland, in Basel, Switzerland.

Gouda one, Curling Canada. Whey to pull one over on us.

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