Derogatory term: Leafs rookie Nylander deactivates Twitter account

Derogatory term: Leafs rookie Nylander deactivates Twitter account

As William Nylander adjusts to life on the ice in the NHL, he’s also learning about maintaining proper decorum on his social media platforms.

The Maple Leafs rookie recently deactivated his Twitter account “@Snizzbone” after being advised the term may have more than one meaning.

“The team became aware that some were offended of his handle, notified him, and he subsequently deactivated it,” said Maple Leafs’ director of media relations Steve Keogh to Yahoo Sports.

Nylander said he was unaware that his Twitter handle alluded to a derogatory term.

According to the Urban Dictionary, snizzbone refers to “when a person from the hood screws you over in a deal.” As well, Urban Dictionary has a much more derogatory definition for “snizz”, which was of more concern to the Leafs.

The 19-year-old deactivated his Twitter account within the past two weeks, and said he doesn’t have a definitive timeline for rejoining the social media platform.

When he was drafted by the Maple Leafs in the first round of the 2014 NHL draft, Nylander said he wasn’t sure of the meaning of snizzbone, adding, “I just got it from way back when I was younger."

In 18 games since being recalled from the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies on Feb. 29, Nylander has five goals and nine points while averaging 16:17 per night in ice time.