If you’re Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, an entire city will mobilize to find your wayward pooches

The wait from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday night for the next installment in the emotionally-charged NHL playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins seems like an endless one in Montreal.

Sports talk radio and social media can only rehash the same themes so many times.

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But star goaltender Carey Price gave it all a fresh spin shortly after midnight Sunday night when he Tweeted that his two dogs had gotten out and were running around the Montreal suburb of Candiac.

Price hadn't been on Twitter in nearly a month. But the response was swift on this one.

John Mastromonaco, a listener on the TSN radio morning show, heard the station's report on this major bit of news and called in to report he had found the wayward Labrador retrievers.

He got his 15 minutes of fame - Mastromonaco told the whole story on TVA's French-language morning television show

"I was driving along about 6:15 a.m., and I heard on TSN 690 that Carey Price had lost his dogs in Candiac. Almost right at that time, I see two Labs following a jogger - and they weren't on a leash. It wasn't a coincidence," Mastromonaco told TVA.

"So I stop and ask the jogger, 'Are these your dogs?' He said no. So I go to the dogs, and they came right to me, sat next to me. I called the radio station and told them I thought I'd found the two dogs. They went nuts."

The morning-show hosts told Mastromonaco to stay with the dogs, and they'd try to reach Price. Meanwhile, Mastromonaco looked at the dog tags, and saw a B.C. telephone number. Knowing Price is from B.C., he called, and Price's wife Angela answered.

She said she'd call her husband, but Mastromonaco told her he had a truck and would be happy to load them up and bring them back. "As soon as the door opened, the dogs knew. Carey came out. He was super happy, and offered me a signed stick," Mastromonaco said. "I told him good luck on Tuesday night."

Mastromonaco found the pooches about a half-hour walk from Price's home, so they had wandered a long way.

He is now basking in the collective love of millions of Habs fans, greatly relieved that the backbone of the team's Stanley Cup quest won't risk being distracted or worried by the whereabouts of his beloved animals.

On such fine details, are championships won.

And at least it will give the media something fresh to ask Price after Monday's practice.

You certainly hope the Canadiens will come up with a pair of tickets for Tuesday's Game 3 for the dog rescuer.