Canadian bobsledder CENSORED! in Sochi

Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps, who has his own website at, has found himself – or his website, at least – persona non grata in Sochi.

Kripps's Twitter bio describes him as a "Hawaiian born beach bum, seeker of adventure, carbon neutral athlete, international man of mystery."

Doesn't seem to be anything that objectionable there, anything that might be a threat to the Russian state. Is it the word "bum"?

And Kripps isn't even a snowboarder, with their reputation for enjoying, er, certain underground substances.

What gives?

Kripps certainly looks respectable enough in the cover pic on his website.

There's a pic of cute, blonde young Justin on the beaches of his native Hawaii, with his surfboard. Okay, he's wearing a Speedo. But that's no big deal.

He named his two sleds after the Hawaiian goddesses Poliahu and Pele. No big deal there.

Kripps was an All-American in college. His corporate partners couldn't be more mainstream. He doesn't espouse any radical theories or, gasp, support same-sex marriage on his website or anything.

So what's up, Sochi? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyone who can read Russian and can translate the message Kripps received when he tried to access his site, is welcome to comment.

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