Brier fan group pays tribute to NHL great Lanny McDonald

Don Landry
Lanny McDonald - LNH
(Getty Images)

They're at it again.

Year after year after year, a touring group of curling fans hits the Brier and livens the thing up with their spirit and decorates it with a dizzying array of colourful and always changing costumes.

With the 2015 Brier being held in Calgary - and right in the home of the Calgary Flames - "The Sociables" will mix, mingle, hoot, holler and generally put smiles on people's faces as they take in Sunday's action dressed as Lanny McDonald, the former Flame who won a Stanley cup with the team in 1989.

The group even got two-time Brier champion skip Glenn Howard to jump in and don a moustache. That's him in the centre, below, holding the tin foil Stanley Cup.

This should delight the hometown crowd to no end. We'll see, as the week progresses, just what other get ups the group has planned as they aim for originality and surprise each time they show up for a day of draws.

On Day One, they arrived in traditional curling garb - kilts - and even had a special guest Sociable as part of the group. That's Alberta women's curling champ Val Sweeting, on the right.

You can find a history of The Sociables' costume greatness on their Facebook page. My personal fave is last year's Super Dave Osborne tribute. I'm hoping for a group of Mayor Nenshis sometime this week. Or maybe a group of Coach Hufnagels.