Traditional Grey Cup sex question has one of its best answers ever from Rick Campbell

WINNIPEG - Ottawa Redblacks' head coach Rick Campbell managed to get Grey Cup Week off to a rollicking start with his answer to the traditional sex question. Every year, the competing coaches are asked about their policies on their players having sex before the game, and Campbell delivered one of the best answers we've seen:

"It's my job to put guys in the best position to have success, whether that's on or off the field, so I guess I'm going to give advice more than a policy, and this would probably apply to most of our players and coaches,"  Campbell said. "It mirrors our football team this year. The odds aren't good, and they don't give you much of a chance, but if you pay attention to detail, and execute, and do it with zest and enthusiasm, anything can happen."

This is an annual question started by famed Canadian sports columnist Jim Hunt, who passed away in 2006, and recently carried on by Terry Jones of The Edmonton Sun. It's produced some memorable moments over the years, such as Pinball Clemons approving of sex in 2004, Doug Berry saying sex was only permitted "with themselves" in 2007, the unusual way Jones asked it in 2011, and Corey Chamblin's "if that's what it takes" and subsequent follow-up in 2013, but Campbell's response is one of the best we've seen.

Edmonton's Chris Jones could only respond to Campbell's bon mots with  "How could you top that?". The Eskimos' head coach went on to say, "I was told about the question this morning, and it kind of caught me off guard. I'm just going to have to reserve the things I'd say about our group, because I know the way they do."

Not bad, but Campbell still wins the day on this one, getting his Redblacks off to a good start this week.