Roughriders place ad in Hamilton Spectator to tip their hats to Tiger-Cats’ fans

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' organization has been busy over the last couple of days celebrating their Grey Cup win, but they still found time to reach out to fans of the losing Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Riders took out an ad in The Hamilton Spectator Tuesday featuring a statement from president and CEO Jim Hopson and chair Roger Brantvold tipping their hats to Tiger-Cats' fans. Here it is, via Hamilton fan group The Box J Boys:

In case that text is too small to read, here it is:

"Let's shake.

After the game, Coach Chamblin and Coach Austin shook hands. Today, our fans want to shake your hands.

We share a kinship with Tiger-Cat fans.

We understand your passion.

And you understand ours.

We get that you wear it every game.

And because of that, we understand, more than anyone, the pain of loss and the joy of victory.

Hamilton and Saskatchewan are considered the best fanbases in the league. That's a big part of what made Grey Cup week in Saskatchewan so amazing. And it's what made Sunday's game all the more challenging and rewarding.

We tip our hats to each and every one of you. And we look forward to next spring, when we will start another chapter in our rich histories.


Jim Hopson, President and CEO

Roger Brandvolt, Chair

That's a solid move by the Riders' organization, and it's well-executed. It comes off as legitimate praise for the Tiger-Cats and their fans. Of course, there are seven other organizations in this league now that won't be happy to hear that "Hamilton and Saskatchewan are considered the best fanbases in the league," but hey, you can't win them all. It's nice to see the Saskatchewan organization take the time to think of the losing team's fans amidst their own celebrations, and to do so in a respectful and appreciative fashion. Good for them.