Rob Ford steals Matt Mays’ seat at Bills’ game in Toronto: odds he’s heard “Cocaine Cowgirl”?

55 Yard Line

The Curse Of Rob Ford has been well-established at the CFL level, and now it appears it's headed to the NFL. The football-loving Toronto mayor showed up at Sunday's Bills in Toronto game, and things started going south for Buffalo as soon as he did. In even odder news, though, it appears that Ford elected not to take his own seat, but to steal someone else's. That becomes really notable when you find out that the person whose seat he stole happens to be famed Canadian rocker Matt Mays. Here's what Mays had to say about it on Twitter:

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Know what makes that even better? One of Mays' most famous songs (during his time with El Torpedo) is entitled "Cocaine Cowgirl":

This is hardly the first time Ford's gotten himself into trouble over football. His use of his mayor's role to raise money for the high school football team he coached got him kicked out of office briefly last year, and he also appeared in a couple of widely-mocked moments during Grey Cup Week in 2012. This year, Ford made vulgar comments on live television while wearing a personalized Argonauts' jersey, causing the team to issue a statement distancing themselves from him. He then showed up a few days later at the team's East Final game against Hamilton, and that led to the hometown Argonauts' doom. The Ford brothers have also long lobbied for the NFL in Toronto, regardless of the strong popular sentiments against anything that would hurt the CFL, so Ford showing up for a Bills game in town isn't surprising. His decision to steal Matt Mays' seat is, though. At least he may have given Mays some new songwriting material. "Cocaine Cowboy," anyone?

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