Photos: Stampeders and Tiger-Cats face off in Snow Bowl II in Calgary Saturday

It's looking like the CFL's trying to have a successor to the famed Snow Bowl. Heavy snow's coming down in Calgary and has covered the McMahon Stadium field, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the Stampeders' clash with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We've seen snow in practices before this year, but this is the first 2012 game where it's really played a role. Here are some photos of what things look like out there and how dramatically it's changed in the last few hours:

This weather's obviously having an impact on the game, as the conditions are extremely slippery, snow's in the quarterbacks' faces and passing's getting quite difficult. Hamilton quarterback Henry Burris has thrown two picks, while Calgary's Kevin Glenn has added another one. Running hasn't been easy, either; at the half, the Stamps' Jon Cornish had gained just four yards on eight carries. The Tiger-Cats' Avon Cobourne was faring better, collecting 54 yards on eight carries, but he was slipping and sliding around as well. As TSN's Chris Cuthbert said on the broadcast, "We'll have to get a Zamboni out at halftime." We'll see if anyone pulls Tony Proudfoot's old staple-gun trick. Regardless, it should be an entertaining second half. The Stampeders lead 14-13 at the break.

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