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Longtime Argos fans wish they weren’t alone in Toronto

Thelma (left) and Louise (right) are longtime Toronto Argos fans.Walking through Nathan Phillips Square, it would have been hard to miss them.

They refer to themselves as Thelma and Louise Danger and Thursday they stood amongst a crowd of CFL fans in downtown Toronto, decked out in double blue from head to toe, cheering, dancing and searching for fellow Argos fans.

They're not sisters, just best friends of almost 40 years that share a passion for a Toronto team that most sports fans in the city could have cared a less about prior to this week.

"We were crying when they won on Sunday," Thelma said, referencing the Argos Eastern final victory over the Montreal Alouettes last weekend. "I was on the edge of my seat and then when we knew they won we were counting down the clock and we just looked at each other and screamed 'Oh my god we're in the Grey Cup.'"

Together they've followed the Argos on the road, seen plenty of games at the Rogers Centre and been to eight or nine Grey Cups.

Their favourite championship memory?

"Winnipeg," they said almost simultaneously, referring to the 94th Grey Cup at Canad Inns Stadium.

"You put your beer down it froze," said Thelma, who has been a Argos season ticket holder for 25 years. "Everybody was on a metal bench, we didn't know anybody and we were all huddled together, it was so cold."

"We were treated so well, everybody was so nice," Louise added.

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While they're happy to have the 100th Grey Cup close to home — Thelma is from Parry Sound, Ont., and Louise resides in Mississauga — they admit that if it wasn't already clear, this week has proved once again that there just isn't enough support for the Argos in Toronto.

"There are not enough fans, we should have a lot more blue out here," Thelma said. "We went out [Wednesday] night and it was all B.C. and Saskatchewan fans. That's why we're out here today, to try and get more people to show their support."

It's been one of the biggest questions hanging over Toronto since the 100th Grey Cup has become a popular topic of conversation the last week: How can a team that's so often is blocked out by the three other major sports teams in the city build up it's fan base, not just for the Grey Cup, but for the many seasons to come?

According to these two lifelong fans the answer is simple.

"They need a new stadium, they need to get out of Rogers," Thelma said.

They aren't the first people to ponder the idea of a new Argos stadium, it's something that has been thrown around the media for years, but team president Chris Rudge told the National Post back in February that a new football-only stadium isn't a top priority.

So instead of bickering about the politics that surround their favourite sports franchise, Thelma and Louise continue to show their support. They'll be at the Rogers Centre cheering on the Argos Sunday and they won't be alone in what's expected to be a sold out stadium.

But there's a big difference between them and the many others who'll be at the game cheering on Toronto: win or lose, Thelma and Louise will be back next season.

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