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Kavis Reed’s rant has supervillain similarities, and fits his pattern of emotional speeches

Edmonton Eskimos' head coach Kavis Reed went on a threatening rant about his players' lack of discipline worthy of a supervillain after Saturday night's 17-3 loss to the B.C. Lions in a rainstorm, so it's fortunate that we already have the above photo of him with Heath Ledger's Joker on hand. The photo was initially created in response to Reed's "Batman and Robin" comments last year), but the menacing tone of his press conference carries some similarities to Ledger's Joker's threatening comments, particularly during The Dark Knight's famous ferry scene. Compare and see:

Of course, the Joker's tone is more emotionally restrained (in Ledger's portrayal) than Reed's is here, and of course, he's threatening far worse things than Reed's adjustment of Eskimos' playing time or changes to the starting roster. Still, if the Esks are looking for a supervillain, Reed might be the one they deserve. Some men just want to watch their penalty-causing players burn. Beyond that, it's no secret to CFL fans that Reed is an extremely emotional coach, or one with a habit of repeating lines the way he does with "consequences" (six times in the first 40 seconds!) here. Here's video of his fired-up September pre-game locker-room speech against Montreal:

And here's a supercut of all the "What say you!"s he delivered in another locker-room speech:

Like Ledger's Joker, Reed certainly does have a habit of delivering watchable speeches. His coaching record, on the other hand, is more questionable: after the Eskimos went 11-7 in his first season (2011), they slumped to 7-11 last year, and that wasn't all about former general manager Eric Tillman. The team's also looked incredibly inept so far this year, particularly on offence, and games where they score three points aren't going to help that. We'll see if Reed's threats can motivate his players, or if his plans will eventually be foiled. Either way, it's going to be fun to watch.

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