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Angelo Mosca will be back at alumni lunch, auctioning off cane from fight with Joe Kapp

Angelo Mosca (L) is auctioning off his cane from his 2011 fight with Joe Kapp (R).

One of the biggest stories of last year's Grey Cup didn't have anything to do with the game, but rather revolved around a cane-swinging brawl between septuagenarians Joe Kapp (a star quarterback with the B.C. Lions in the 1960s who went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings and coach at Cal) and Angelo Mosca (the legendary Hamilton Tiger-Cats' defensive lineman who went on to wrestling stardom) at an alumni lunch. The brawl reportedly started over simmering tensions remaining between the two thanks to Mosca's hit on Kapp's B.C. teammate Willie Fleming in the 1963 Grey Cup, and it certainly showed how CFL history remains a crucial part of the game; these guys don't forget. Now, thanks to Drew Edwards of The Hamilton Spectator, we have confirmation that there will not be a Mosca-Kapp II at the alumni lunch this year, as Kapp isn't invited (reasonable, as he did appear to start things last year). Don't worry, though, fight fans: Mosca will be there, and he'll reportedly be auctioning off the cane he slugged Kapp with!

Some will undoubtedly say this is bringing up an incident that should be long-buried, but from this corner, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Mosca-Kapp fight drew a tremendous amount of attention worldwide, and that attention wasn't a bad thing at all for the CFL. If anything, it helped show how seriously the football and the history in this league is taken. Now, that doesn't mean another fight would be great, and it certainly doesn't mean something like this should be set up; what made the Mosca-Kapp fight so interesting was that it seemed to arise from real emotions and grudges, not something staged. Referencing the fight shouldn't be verboten, though, and if Mosca wants to auction off his cane from that, more power to him.

Here's video of the initial fight for the five people who didn't see it:

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