‘No wonder people say you’re daft’: Carlos Tevez teaches Mario Balotelli how to wrap gifts

We've had a lot of Manchester based posts this weekend, but this must be shared. At the start of Man City's advent video series, Mario Balotelli was learning how to pull Christmas crackers and telling the bad jokes they contain. Now, he's being taught how to wrap presents by the one person who shouldn't be teaching him anything, Carlos Tevez.

Tevez appears to be some sort of gift wrapping expert, so we can only assume it was something he did whenever he wasn't playing golf during his five-month unapproved sabbatical last season. Mario, however, proves to be a difficult student for him. Of course, in his defense, his main problem is with using the scissors -- a living nightmare all left-handed people must deal with at some point in their lives (I speak from experience).

In the end, Tevez says everything Roberto Mancini has wanted to say to Mario over the years. "But Mario, use your head a bit," Tevez says. "No wonder people say you are daft."

"I'm not daft. Look, it's difficult," Mario concludes. We don't get to see his finished product, though. Probably because it somehow exploded.

UPDATE: Here's part II of Mario's wrapping adventure in which Mario breaks a sweat...

It turned out pretty good! But Mario doesn't think so. Always a perfectionist.

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