You've seen the horrible restrooms in Sochi, now here's a spectacular one

By now, we all know more about the restroom situation at the Sochi Games than we ever imagined we would. We've laughed at the double toilets and groaned at the now-infamous "don't flush toilet paper down the toilet" sign.

In fact, the overall shenanigans in Sochi have become so well known that they've inspired a @SochiProblems Twitter account. It ain't all bad, though. There's at least one restroom that's cooler than any place most of us reading this have ever done our business.

Check THIS out:

This restroom is at the Red Fox restaurant, a fancy Sochi hangout where you can eat rainbow trout on couches, sing karaoke and have a bathroom view like a skier riding the Sochi slopes. The skis on the ground are a nice touch. Plus there's a door handle, toilet paper and everything.

The Red Fox is the kind of place where a dry martini costs about $15.50 American dollars, so obviously they've stepped up their potty game accordingly.

Can't tell you too much more of the backstory here — it comes from Mir Politika and that's written in Russian. But the picture kind of says it all, doesn't it?

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