Watch Shawn Horcoff get two minutes for ‘you can’t do that’ (Video)

Some time ago, the National Hockey League gave its referees microphones to announce penalties to the fans and teams. Usually the only comedic benefits from this innovation are when the mic doesn't operate and the ref is left to mouth words over echoing static.

But there was comedy gold to be found on Saturday in Dallas.

Midway through the second period of Saturday night's Dallas Stars vs. Washington Capitals game, Shawn Horcoff used his stick to try and fend off a streaking Jay Beagle during Dallas' 2-1 win over Washington.

Horcoff was called for hooking.

But when referee Mike Leggo made the call, it was more about the "why" than the "what":

Horcoff didn't agree with the call, and argued with the ref.

Fed up with the persistent arguing, Leggo felt he needed to make an example out of the Stars forward, like a teacher disciplining a student in front of their class. So instead of just announcing the penalty, he gave him some life advice.

The Capitals wouldn't score on the ensuing power play and Alex Chiasson's goal with 7:53 left in the third period gave Dallas the two points.

This teachable moment by Leggo is in the tradition of former NFL referee Ben Dreith, who once flagged Marty Lyons of the NY Jets for punching Bills QB Jim Kelly with this classic announcement:

As he recalled to the Denver Post: "‘What the heck am I going to tell all these people, 70,000-some and a national television audience? I flipped on the mike and said the tackle was good, but he was down there giving him the business.”

You can't do that either.

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