Watch Kings’ Brown, Quick slip F-bombs past Pierre McGuire on live TV (VIDEO)

Winning the Stanley Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The emotion can overwhelm. It can bring grown men to tears. And it can also lead to swearing on live television. In the elation of that moment, players tend to forget to censor themselves.

Such is the case for Kings' captain Dustin Brown, who briefly forgot that NBC was a family network during his post-championship interview with Pierre McGuire. Warning: NSFW for strong language. Obviously.

"It's why we f****** play."

If he hadn't just captained his team to a Stanley Cup and scored two goals in the process, I'd say slipping an F-bomb past Pierre "quickest mute button in the West" McGuire was his biggest accomplishment of the night.

I like the brief, awkward pause that follows, although McGuire doesn't even blink, because he is a consummate professional (and also an android that manually moistens his eyeballs once every three hours).

But Brown wasn't the only swear bear on the Kings.

Jonathan Quick also seemed to think he had won the Cup on HBO. The same NSFW: Strong Language warning applies:

You're slipping, Pierre. That's two in one night.

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