Tampa Bay Lightning have the coolest NHL billboard of season (Photo)

There are only so many ways to present a hockey billboard promoting the new season. The standard formula: Famous player plus image of intensity plus some clichéd tagline that’s typically related to ice. (Example: “Kick Ice.”) 

Which is why the Tampa Bay Lightning’s new billboard featuring Valtteri Filppula should be celebrated. Because it’s actually two billboards, on either side of the I-275.

Via Reddit Hockey
Via Reddit Hockey

“Be The Thunder” is the tagline on the billboard to the left. 

The one on the right, which the rocket shot of Filppula has turned into tatters, features a website for a fitness company called “Flex Fitness 20” which, of course, takes you directly to a Tampa Bay Lightning “flex ticket plan” page.


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If the goal of any billboard is to be “eye-catching,” mission accomplished. Although we’ll go ahead and assume there are others that feature that Stamkos guy, who might move a few more tickets than Valtteri Filppula. No disrespect to Valtteri Filppula. OK, maybe we just did.

s/t Reddit Hockey