She’s a Sens fan, her girlfriend’s a Leafs fan and their marriage proposal during NHL game was adorable (VIDEO)

On Saturday night at Scotiabank Place, a Toronto Maple Leafs fan named Alicia stood on the ice during the second intermission wearing a blindfold. When it was removed, she looked up at the video scoreboard and read a message from her girlfriend, an Ottawa Senators fan named Christina.

Schmaltzy music played. Out walked Christina. They embraced and had a brief conversation, as the crowd began to wise up to what was about to happen.

Christina dropped to one knee while holding Alicia's hand. The fans roared. She slid the engagement ring on, they shared a kiss and the Senators mascot proudly raised a sign that read "SHE SAID YES." Just another night at the rink, eh?

You know, if our intermission entertainment choices are between a tricycle race involving guys in sumo suits and two girls committing to spend the rest of their lives together … well, we're probably still picking the fat guys on tiny bikes. But this was also adorable, and a nice reminder that the Battle of Ontario can produce things besides postgame brawls in the stands.

Same-sex marriage was effectively legalized in Canada by the courts in 2004, according to the Globe & Mail. As Cassie Murdoch of Jezebel notes: "Looks like there is yet another benefit to legalizing same-sex marriage: even more sports game proposals. Everybody wins."

And really, how wonderful and appropriate that this happened at a hockey game? Our sport has had to suffer through decades of being labeled a vulgar pastime for bloodthirsty troglodytes, and yet hockey's leading the way on progressive thinking when it comes to lifestyle acceptance.

From Patrick Burke's "You Can Play" initiative; to gay players beginning to feel comfortable coming out to straight teammates; to gay hockey teams, like this one in Ottawa; to this Kevin Smith's hockey-themed gay wedding to this proposal put on by the Senators … there's a lot to be proud of about our game and its appreciation of all players and fans.

s/t Chris Kardy.

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