Rangers fans chant ‘Alfie Sucks’ to mock Senators fans’ cheer

Ottawa Senators fans began a new tradition at home games near the end of the regular season: When the game clock reads 11:11 each period, fans roar and count down until the 11-minute mark before chanting "Alfie! Alfie!" in celebration of their captain, No. 11 Daniel Alfredsson. They continued the tradition into the postseason, even chanting during Games 3 and 4 when Alfredsson was out with a concussion.

Leave it to a bunch of New Yorkers to re-purpose the chant for nefarious purposes. This is what it sounded like at 11:11 during Game 7 at MSG on Thursday night:

Yep: New York Rangers fans did the countdown and gave Alfredsson the "Alfie sucks" treatment. (Denis Potvin now has some company in the annuls of Rangers fan taunts.) The idea was hatched, as the best ones are, on hockey message boards.

Rangers fans have a proud tradition of awesome, mocking chants at MSG. Please recall the "Can You Hear Us?" taunting of then-Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau after he goofed on MSG's "quiet" atmosphere in the 2011 playoffs.

This season, Rangers fans serenaded Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets with "We Don't Want You!" after the Jackets captain (and then trade-target) scored a game-tying goal.