What was that Milan Michalek goal celebration all about? (VIDEO)

Milan Michalek had two goals and an assist in the Ottawa Senators' 5-2 humbling of the Washington Capitals on Wednesday night. His first goal at 14:13 of the first period was sick: a rink-length stretch pass from Erik Karlsson, the use of Dennis Wideman as a croquet wicket, the finish past Tomas Vokoun … and then a rather odd celebration:

For the video impaired, Michalek took off his glove, put a finger in the air and spun it around several times as he skated along the boards.

So what was it? An impression of Wideman haplessly attempting to defend the play? The Michalekian version of the Jagr Salute? A tribute to RATT's seminal classic "Round and Round?"

None of the above. Via Erin Nicks of, Michalek said:

"My buddy from back home in Czech came and he said if I scored I had to do that."

Michalek has 27 goals with no sign of letting up. Our advice to his friend: See how far you can push this "if you score, you must do" thing. For example, we've yet to see a player use his own skate to shave his head after a goal …