All hail exuberant Blue Jackets fan, for he is the greatest among us (PHOTO)

Considering all that fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets have had to endure, you could forgive them for being a dour and dwindling bunch. No need to rehash it all. We know what they've been through, and bearing all of it in mind, we're fairly sure this guy simply shouldn't exist:

Yet he does.

Seriously. Look at that face. Then scroll down to the sweater under it. This guy should make you feel downright ashamed of yourself as a hockey fan. Oh, what's that? Your team is 0-2? Yeah, well, this guy is a Columbus Blue Jackets fan and he was photographed looking like this.

I think giddy Bill Gates up there could teach us things about life. I would sign up for his goal-setting workshop.

What's more, here he is at the infamous Columbus draft lottery party, at the moment Blue Jackets fans were forced to settle for the second overall pick:

"Hooray, it could have been worse!"


This guy has no business being this happy. But he is. And thus, you, fan of another team, have no business ever being sad about anything even remotely related to your team. Ever.