Donald Brashear with a Bertuzzi/Moore punch in LNAH (VIDEO)

The Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey is a semi-pro league in Quebec known for its brutal goon play. It’s also where former NHL pugilist Donald Brashear ended up, occasionally making highlight reels with his antics – like punching an opposing goalie.

On Jan. 11, Brashear, playing for RDL, did something rather deplorable for a player that is well aware of the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident. Check out this cheap shot on Gaby Roch:

You can see Roch getting up off the ice after the incident, so luckily it’s not a carbon copy of Bertuzzi/Moore. He saw Brashear coming; but we’re guessing he didn’t expect the punch.

s/t Neate Sager

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