Dance-off: Jonathan Toews’ moonwalk vs. Patrick Kane’s ‘Kaner shuffle’ (Video)

Shortly after winning the 2013 Stanley Cup, a jubilant Jonathan Toews did a little moonwalking at centre ice. Granted, Michael Jackson he ain't, but for the guy known as Captain Serious, it was a rare and notable moment of silliness.

It also raised an important question: was Toews' moonwalk a superior dance to Patrick Kane's "Kaner Shuffle", far and away the highlight of this Jimmy Buffett concert (or any Jimmy Buffett concert, for that matter, because Jimmy Buffett is terrible)? Saturday at the 2013 Blackhawks convention, that question was put to both Kane and Toews, and they responded with a brief dance-off.

I'd call it a draw. They're both terrible dancers.

They should take some lessons from a pro. My advice: shorten those pants. Tighten those pants. Get to a parking garage. Work some backwards somersaults and lens flares in there. Only greatness can come from such things.