Connecticut Lottery unveils Hartford Whalers scratch-off tickets (Puck Treasures)

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It's been 16 long years since the Hartford Whalers graced our presence as an NHL team, but the love for them has not ceased. Merchandise sales still continue make cash registers ring and you can't involve yourself in a conversation about the Whale without "Brass Bonanza" being hummed.

There's been a hope that the NHL will once again return to Hartford, but those dreams remain very, very slim. In the meantime, the Connecticut Lottery is getting in on the Whale game by creating scratch-off tickets featuring the team's glorious logo.

According to The Hartfordite, the tickets will be available beginning next Tuesday and cost $3, which is also the minimum prize you can win. Back in 1992 the Connecticut Lottery did something similar with the winnings ranging from $2-$1,000.

The grand prize is $30,000 (What, no Geoff Sanderson signed jersey?), which would probably be better served going toward vintage Whalers merchandise than a comeback fund.

Until then, we can continue to dream about hearing "Brass Bonanza" on a regular basis again.

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