Blackhawks fire back at rumors on locker room discord

Blackhawks fire back at rumors on locker room discord

The Blackhawks locker room is in disarray because of off-ice issues. Players are fighting for random reasons that have nothing to do with internal discord.

Whatever has caused these rumors or what they mean, Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith has decided to join the chorus of Chicago players spouting off on the issue.

From the twitter feed of Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times:

"There’s so much BS out there, I don’t know where it comes from. ...  I don’t know who’s making that crap up."

It’s actually Dan Bernstein of WSCR in Chicago and David Diehl, a former NFL lineman, "making that crap up," Duncan.

From Patrick Sharp a day earlier:

"As a hockey player, as a professional, you’re out there and you’re up for grabs for on-ice play. I’m OK with that. Trade rumors, talk about my play on the ice — I’m fine with that, I can handle that. But when people delve into your personal life and make up rumors and things that are completely false and untrue, it takes a toll on you. And it takes a toll on your family, your friends, and it’s completely unnecessary. It’s been tough, but I know I’ve got a strong group of teammates here, we’re going to stick together.”

And Brent Seabrook as well:

“Being a leader on this team, I think this team’s never been tighter,” Seabrook said. “We’ve never been a tighter group. Some of the rumors that have been said, I think are laughable. You know, there’s nothing going on in this locker room. I’ve been here 10 years and nothing’s been going on, so we’re a tight group. We’ve got everybody’s back here and we’re focused on our jobs, which is getting into the Stanley Cup playoffs, first and foremost, and winning another championship.”

Per CSN Chicago:

One website listed several alleged incidents involving Sharp, who said he is considering legal action.

Whatever the case, as long as the Blackhawks win, it really doesn’t matter all that much. This wouldn’t be the first ‘locker room in discord’ type situation with any team. And it’s not like Keith saying that nothing is happening is going to diffuse the situation. What’s he or anyone else going to say instead?

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