Alex Ovechkin had way too much fun at NHL Fantasy Draft (Video)

As Alex Ovechkin once said, wherever he goes “is party now.”

The NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Draft on Friday night? Oh, it was a party, Mr. Ovechkin.

Ovi’s Instagram blew up with photos and videos from the draft held at the Columbus NHL Fan Fest. And it featured a rather, ahem, enthusiastic Washington Capitals captain. A captain who wanted, more than anything else, to win a Honda Accord.

“He was special tonight, wasn’t he? He’s a good guy and he was having fun," said Phil Kessel.

Here’s Ovi giving us a look at the players’ draft room:

Here’s Ovechkin letting us know that there are only a few players left:


Some of the players talked about having Ovechkin linger in the back, falling down the draft board.

“There was no dull moment with Ovi," said Jonathan Toews, an All-Star team captain. "There was a little bit of talk before the whole event that we might let him slide to the end, let him sweat a little bit, and I think he embraced that fact a little bit too much.”

Here’s Ovechkin telling us what he would do inside the car with somebody.

“I think he wanted the car. But he always gets everything he wants: Goals, Rocket Richard [Trophies],” said Rick Nash.

Here’s Ovechkin begging the captains to pick him last.

Seriously, he had too much fun:

Way too much fun.

Alas, Team Nick Foligno decided to select Alex Ovechkin with the second to last pick, and as you can see, he was devastated. To feel better, we imagine he bought roughly 300 Honda Accords with last year's salary.

“I think Ovi was his own No. 1 fan on that one," said John Tavares.

Ovechkin, to the surprise of no one, was unavailable for comment.

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