Cam Newton continues to star in “Back to School II,” this time he brings donuts for his entire class

The great story of Cam Newton going back to Auburn just gets better and better.

We heard that Newton, the Carolina Panthers' star quarterback and 2010 Heisman Trophy winner, was going to take classes this semester, and it was kind of refreshing that he turned down an offer by AU for any special treatment or anyone to whisk him in and out of class (or take all of his classes online). But still, what are the odds that one of the NFL's biggest stars and a legend on Auburn's campus was really going to just be a regular ol' student?

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Well, he led cheers for the basketball team. He played intramural hoops. He was sent a singing date offer on Valentine's Day during class.

His latest? He brought donuts for his entire class.

At this point, we're just looking forward to seeing what Newton the everyday Auburn student does next.

Here's the recap, from the War Eagle Reader, which has had the insight to figure out what a cool story this is and track it all:

“He just said since it was Thursday he though he’d bring us some donuts so I guess there was no particular reason,” says Auburn junior Brookelyne Harvel, who snapped a photo of donut party. “He was really nice about it… Everyone in the class was grateful and thankful. Everyone told him thank you. The professor was really nice about him bringing them to class. He didn’t have a problem with it at all. Cam said that the professor could have some too if he wanted.”

Newton is proving something with all this, not to mention having a pretty good time in the process. Sure, he's very famous, and presumably gets way more looks in the hallway than anyone else. He might get some picture/autograph requests. But he isn't being mobbed every day, it seems. If you act like a normal person, most people will treat you like a normal person. By now some of the Auburn students probably think of Newton as the big dude who wears the Beats headphones to class all the time, and occasionally does things like bring in donuts. I went to school with a Heisman winner, and it would have been weird had fellow students in the same age group mobbed him for autographs. Even the most famous of players don't need to wear disguises to get in and out of a psychology lecture or anything.

So good for Newton for having a good time with his return to school. If Newton does a "Triple Lindy" to win the big swimming and diving meet later this semester, we'll let you know.

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