Alabama’s championship trophy falls down, goes boom

There are now a million pieces of Alabama's national championship trophy to go around.

During the weekend's A-Day festivities, a parent of a current player tripped on a rug that was under the display case and the Waterford Crystal football crashed to the ground shattering into a million little pieces.

The trophy, which was handmade in Ireland and worth $30,000, was in the Mal Moore Athletic Facility where Nick Saban's office is located.

Associate Athletics Director for Football Communications Jeff Purinton told the school is in the process of getting the football replaced.

That undisclosed parent shouldn't feel too bad, this isn't the first time the crystal football has been broken. In 2008, then-recruit Orson Charles broke Florida's national championship trophy while admiring it.

And in 2006, Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan allowed the crystal basketball to slip off his fingertips and onto the stage during the team's Midnight Madness event. Luckily, that was a joke. A cruel, cruel joke.

Who knows if we'll find out the name of the clumsy parent (I have a feeling we will), but something like this can't bode well for his son's playing time.

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