Paul Pierce’s offseason fitness regimen sounds awesome

To be fair, Paul Pierce certainly isn't alone in his excitement about Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits — after all, the foodstuffs have 1.04 million Facebook "likes," which is the truest measurement of popularity and success in contemporary global society. The world — but mostly, really, America — has spoken: These are some tasty biscuits.

Still, it's pretty great that "The Truth" — who's been the subject of jokes over the course of his NBA career for not always having the most toned and shredded physique — felt the need to tell a Red Lobster franchise to prepare for his impending dinner by gathering mad Cheddar Bays in advance, so that the grindage can begin immediately upon his arrival. That Pierce's biscuit shoutout came directly after a tweet heralding Boston-area members of Fit Club 34, a "rewards-based fan club" aimed at helping children get active and stay physically fit, makes the ironing even more delicious. Maybe not Cheddar Bay-level delicious, but still: pretty great.

(This is where I remind you that I am well aware that Pierce wouldn't have made it through 14 NBA seasons of mostly All-Star-level play — nine of which have seen him play at least 79 of 82 games, and two of which have been lockout-shortened campaigns that saw him play the equivalent of 79 [1998-99] and 76 [2011-12] games — without being in great shape, and that his commitment to youth fitness is real and commendable. None of that means biscuit jokes aren't fun.)

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