Wanna get away? Red Sox fan helps Yankees out on Russell Martin homer (Video)

Oh man, you have to love the look on the face of this Boston Red Sox fan. It's the look of a Red Sox fan who just realized he helped the New York Yankees during a win that put them in sole possession of the AL East lead with two games to play. The look of the woman next to him? Yeah, she's having pretty much the same realization, though with a lot more amusement.

The play in question came in the second inning of New York's 10-2 win over the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. With the Yankees already leading by three runs, catcher Russell Martin lifted a deep drive to center field. The Red Sox fan reached over the wall in an attempt to catch the baseball in his hat, only it bounced off his wrist, then off his chest and then somehow back into his hat even though it looked like it was heading to the warning track below. That's a great souvenir with an even better story attached to it, presuming that our guy's family ever forgives him for his double-agent duty.

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A review by the umpires upheld the home run call on the field, giving Martin one of the four homers that the Yankees hit in the nine-run inning. That was probably the right call as the visual evidence wasn't overwhelming enough for the umps to overturn it. But our Red Sox fan appeared as if he made contact with the ball in the field of play and he later could be seen apologizing to Boston center fielder Che-Hsuan Lin as Yankees fans celebrated around him.

Watch the whole thing happen here:

The fan interference definitely summoned visions of young fan Jeffrey Maier helping lift the Yankees over the Orioles in the 1996 postseason. But while the O's fell a game off the Yankees' pace with a 5-3 loss to Tampa Bay on Monday, their fans can't claim that this Red Sox fan opened any door to victory. Boston starter Clay Buchholz was simply wretched in giving up eight runs in 1 2/3 innings of work and neither Dustin Pedroia nor Jacoby Ellsbury were in the Red Sox lineup.

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