World junior championship: Sweden’s Filip Forsberg scores highlight-reel goal (VIDEO)

A day later, the goal that Sweden's Filip Forsberg scored in his team's world junior championship still looks fairly dominant.

The Nashville Predators youngster played in three AHL games last week to assuage any health concerns stemming from his five-week absence due to a brain injury. Wednesday essentially was his full-fledged return and he immediately made, cue your convenient cliché, a man-among-boys play with his goal in the first period. Forsberg power-slalomed through the Switzerland defence and extended the play by circling back out, whereupon he worked a quick give-and-go that ended with a one-timed slapshot into a top corner.

Sweden's performance during a 5-3 win over the game Swiss might have been panned, but that was a sweet goal.

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