Minor hockey coach freaks out, throwing sticks and water bottles (VIDEO)

For so-called adult authority figures behaving badly, a coach in Ottawa might take the prize.

Obviously, video posted to YouTube of the coach throwing water bottles and sticks on to the ice doesn't capture the full context. But the comments picked up on camera — "You're down by a goal with a minute left, and you start throwing sticks?!" — help convey that this was a disgraceful display. During a midget AA game last weekend in Canada's capital between the Nepean Raiders and Ottawa Sting, a Raiders coach basically threw anything that wasn't nailed down in the officials' general direction. The game had to be called, while Ron Thompson, president of the Ottawa District Hockey Association, called it "the worst case I've come across in 30 years."

After a penalty to his team led to a goal, a Raiders coach started yelling at officials and began throwing objects, including sticks, onto the ice while players were still skating.

Players from the Nepean Raiders were left to pick the debris off the ice.

Nancy Kilrea, a parent of a player on the Sting and daughter-in-law of long time hockey coach Brian Kilrea, captured the moment on video.

"I just shot it because it was so ridiculous," said Kilrea. "I've never seen a coach lose it like that … [to] see the sticks coming off the bench, it was outrageous." (CBC News)

Not to hector, but perhaps anyone keen to coach needs anger management as a prerequisite. Nip it in the bud, eh?

The big takeaway is the monkey-see, monkey-do behaviour of some, not all mind you, Nepean players who began banging their sticks on the boards, perhaps in some way to mock or show up the officials. That reminds us how much young people's values are shaped through their sports experiences. No one playing midget AA is likely going to the NHL, but they are going to have to learn how to not to exacerbate a volatile situation. Major fail on the part of someone who likely shouldn't coach for a very long while.

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