Kingston Frontenacs’ Ryan Hutchinson kicks helmet, throws chair after being ejected (VIDEO)

If we can skip past the valid "what if he had hit that kid?" concerns, Ryan Hutchinson's actions as he was being ushered off the ice during an OHL game last weekend are semi-halfway hilarious.

Early in the third period, the 17-year-old Kingston Frontenacs defenceman was checked from behind into the boards by the Erie Otters' Jake Evans. Out of the ensuing mêlée, Hutchinson got an instigator penalty and the only fighting major and was ejected. While being escorted to the gate by linesman Mike Harrington, Hutchinson took a stiff kick at Evans' discarded helmet and fell down in front of 3,680 Otters partisans.

Oh, and after stepping off the ice, he threw his own bucket, then picked up a chair. Two young boys who were just randomly roaming the Erie Insurance Arena scurried out of the throw zone as Hutchinson delivered a mighty heave.

Hutchinson's actions have resulted in a two-game suspension, meaning he will miss Kingston's upcoming home games against Oshawa and Belleville, the two best teams in their division.

No one should be so humourless not to be a little amused by it. Hutchinson managed to get a pretty decent hang time when he kicked Evans' helmet.

It's understandable why he went a little berserk. Hutchinson went from being on the receiving end of a dangerous play — Evans' check from behind — to putting his team on a five-minute penalty kill in a game that was crucial to its playoff hopes. That's not to say the call was wrong.

Fortunately, no one was injured by the chair toss. Look at it this way. People loved it that Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell down on the stairs at the Oscars. It was a great entrance. Hutchinson tripping and falling down at the Erie Insurance Arena was a fine exit.

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