Bubba Watson shot 81 playing with just a single hybrid

It's the golf offseason, which means players are busy working on new equipment or spending time with family or just taking a break from the game. It's a time to relax and have a little fun with the game of golf, and nobody is better at having fun on the golf course than Bubba Watson.

Tim Mitchell over at Golf WRX ran into Bubba at Pelican Hill Golf Club last month and noticed he didn't have his golf bag. Just a single 20-degree hybrid club, three golf balls in his pocket and some friends, attempting to play the one club challenge for 18 holes.

While this isn't exactly like "Tin Cup" and the 7-iron, it is a great way to work on simply creating golf shots out of nothing, and Bubba might be the best in the world at that.

From the report by Mitchell ...

Bubba told one of our staff members that he sometimes gets bored using 14 clubs, and occasionally wants to challenge his shot making skills by playing a round with only one club.

In impressive fashion, Bubba shot 81 on the Tom Fazio-designed, par-72 championship golf course.

Yes, you read that correctly, Watson was able to post a round of 9-over 81 despite having just one club and a hybrid like that isn't exactly one you'd consider a "scoring club."

Little experiments like this on the golf course are a great way to just see where your game stands, or doing this can help free up your mind on the golf course. So many times we sit on a tee box of a par-3 battling between that six or seven-iron, when really it's more about the swing we make with the club we choose that will make the real difference.

Golf is a game of inches, sure, but it's also a game that allows us hundreds of ways to play one single golf shot. We can try to hit something 100 percent, club down and swing smooth, bring the ball in from the left or the right, high or low, and a Masters champion going out and having some fun while challenging himself in a different way is what I like to call constructive practice.

So for those keeping count at home, that is a 58 for Bubba while tweeting during his entire round and an 81 playing with just one single golf club.

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