Watch Canadian hoops phenom Andrew Wiggins’ latest, greatest dunk, complete with death stare

Is that intense enough for you? Canada's next NBA star, Andrew Wiggins, is an off-the-chart talent, which means the only nit to pick is whether the Vaughan, Ont., small forward truly has uncommon drive.

On Saturday, playing on his 18th birthday, Wiggins unleashed what might his most poster-worthy dunk yet, which is saying something. There are much older and more physically mature ballers who probably cannot do a two-foot jump stop, then spring back up for the one-handed cram. Then Wiggins, who plays for Huntington Prep in West Virginia, stared down his defender from The Rock School in Gainesville. Fla.

Was the staredown for show or was it the genuine article? It probably had the quality of theatre to it, especially since Huntington was in a tough matchup with The Rock School, who won the game 54-44 while keeping Wiggins relatively contained, as he had 17 points. Wigginographers will probably take this as evidence of what Canada Basketball's Rowan Barrett was speaking of when told the National Post about Wiggins' "ability to respond competitively."

At this point, Wiggins is a YouTube legend to the point one could almost get blasé after seeing his latest highlight. But that was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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