Royal summit at Olympics: Canadian broadcaster hangs with William and Harry

One of the perks of being a broadcaster at a huge event like the Olympics, is that there's the chance you might get a great photo op with someone of world fame and elevated status.

CTV Olympic host Brian Williams has had no shortage of those kinds of opportunities and you might wonder if, for him, it could become a little run of the mill. Doesn't appear that way when you look at the photo he tweeted from London this morning.

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There's the dean of Canadian sportscasters, yukking it up with British Royals Prince William and Prince Harry. His interview with the two will air tonight, during CTV's prime time Olympic coverage.

Don't know about you, but if I were in Williams' shoes and Prince William introduced himself as The Duke Of Cambridge, I'd be tempted to tell him I was the King Of Kensington, just to see if I could slip it by him.

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"Lots of fun. Classy representatives of their family," tweeted Williams, who might graciously have purposely overlooked Harry's propensity to get into a wee bit of trouble once in awhile. Or, perhaps, he feels a bit of a kindred spirit tie to Harry. After all Williams does, on occasion, stir things up a little himself. Just a week ago he garnered a boatload of attention for blasting the IOC right in the middle of the London 2012 opening ceremony.

Harry has already shown a propensity for palling around with the colonists at the games. He was seen at Canada House, hanging out with the athletes and even watching television with them as the Canadian women's eight team was capturing a silver medal.

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