London 2012: What to watch, August 1st

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely exhausted after watching Milos Raonic bow out of Olympic tennis in that marathon war against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Tuesday. You're right, I am out of shape. Really. As that thing was progressing, I threw out a retina. Even my eyeballs are flabby. The third set, alone, was more than three hours long. Suckers, if they thought they could defeat me. I've spent Waaaaaay longer than that on a couch in one sitting.

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I felt certain I was going to be starting this "Day August 1st" blog by telling you that you really must tune in to see Raonic and Tsonga as they continued their pitched battle. For some reason, they thought a score of 25-23 in the third set was impressive enough. Hats off to the two of them for such an incredible match. Sure, I'm a little disappointed that it's not still going, but then again, I'm sorry Law And Order was cancelled after a mere 20 seasons, too.

Rowing revenge tops the list of what's compelling on Wednesday. The Canadian men's eight will try to improve on their repechage performance from Monday, when they go stroke for stroke against the likes of the Germans and Americans (as well as The Dutch, The Australians and British) in the gold medal pull at Eton Dorney rowing basin. In their Saturday heat, the Canadians finished last, while the Germans happily splashed their way directly to this final. The poor showing led Canadian coach, Mike Spracklen to vent his frustration to the Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk. Are the men back? Ready to snag a gold medal, to match the one the Canadian eights scored at Beijing? 5:30 am ET, CTV. The race will last a little less than 5 and a 1/2 minutes. They'd have to row 32 of them in succession to match the time it took Raonic and Tsonga to decide that 3rd set. Just sayin'.

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Clara Hughes is back in action, once again trying to become the most decorated Canadian Olympian ever. Currently in a tie with Cindy Klassen with 6 medals, Hughes has a shot to out-bling the retired Klassen with a good showing in Wednesday's cycling time trials. Catch that at 7:30 am ET, on Sportsnet.

Montreal diver Alexandre Despatie takes to the diving tower for his fourth Olympic Games. That might sound a bit run of the mill, however, it ain't. Despatie, remember, hit his head on a springboard at a meet in Madrid last month, suffering a wicked gash and concussion. There were concerns for his health and then concerns about his ability to make it to London. But he did. Despatie and his synchro partner, Reuben Ross compete in the 3 metre event, at 10 am ET, on CTV.

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Mentioned in this space yesterday that Brent Hayden might be worth a look, considering he was trying to make an Olympic final in the 100 metre freestyle for the first time in three trips. Well, he's worth an even keener eye now, as he's made it in and will swim for a medal. How's this for trivia: According to Allan Maki of the Globe And Mail, Hayden is the first Canadian man to swim in an Olympic 100 m freestyle final since Dick Pound. That's right, youngsters, "that old guy who used to run Canadian sports and stuff," was an Olympian. He swam the 100 in 1960, by the way, and finished 6th. So, you've got the weight of that on you, Brent Hayden. 3:20 pm ET, on CTV.

According to a media release, the CTV prime time show will see host Brian Williams joined in studio by Dr. Greg Wells "to examine the inner workings of a swimmer's body." Umm, memo to all swimmers: DECLINE an invitation to be interviewed by Brian Williams on Wednesday! It's a trap! Soylent Green is people! And, so on.

Here's the entire broadcast consortium schedule.

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