Some joker takes the P.K. Subban blackface thing and brings it to Sochi

A fan at the Bolshoy Ice dome during Team Canada's nervy win over Latvia in Sochi Wednesday night clearly thought he was at the Bell Centre.

Or something.

Regardless, it seems the gentleman decided it would be a brilliant idea to come to the game reprising that regrettable moment in 2010, when two men came to a game dressed what they regrettably used to call "blackface" in the old vaudeville days.

They passed on the Afro and the "Subbanator" T-shirts sported by those two jokers as an alleged 'homage" to Subban, who was a rookie hot prospect with the Hamilton Bulldogs at the time. Mercifully.

Journalist Ben Rothenberg caught them red-handed with his camera phone.

Zero marks for originality. Full marks for inexcusable offensiveness.

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