Equestrienne Hawley Bennett-Awad ‘stable’ after being thrown off horse

THere was a scary moment for Canada's equestrian team on Monday, as Hawley Bennett-Awad was taken to hospital by ambulance after being thrown off her horse, Gin & Juice, at Greenwich Park. It's the latest misfortune for Canada's team, which of course received a terrible omen eight months ago when Eric Lamaze's horse, Hickstead, died in competition.

By all preliminary accounts, the 35-year-old Bennett-Awad is not badly injured, but the crash caused a delay.

According to Equine Canada, Bennett-Awad was taken to hospital after her fall. They could not confirm the extent of her injuries, saying that they could be as minor as a bruise or much more serious.... After Monday's fall, she was eliminated from the cross-country event. (Global News

It didn't happen in isolation. This surely happens to every equestrian competitor a few times over the course of a career, but it sounds like the push to make the course challenging might have contributed to some of the problems. Fortunately, Gin & Juice was no worse for wear. Another Canadian, Peter Barry, also fell off his horse.

Bennett-Awad and Barry were among a half-dozen riders who fell from their mounts during the 5.7-kilometre course up and down the hills of Greenwich Park. Several horses slipped on the tight turns.

The cross-country portion of the three-discipline eventing competition is designed to test horse and rider's endurance and guts. There were razor-sharp turns, blind two-metre drops and tricky combination jumps. (The Canadian Press)

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