There’s a full moon on the rise in Regina, thanks to a Rider appearing nude in a CBC shot…

For the second-straight year, a CFL player's rear has been exposed to the world in Saskatchewan. Last year, it was intentional, with Calgary Stampeders' running back Jon Cornish mooning fans during a game (he was later fined). This year, it looks like it's a media outlet's fault. Via Alex Ruiz, a video report appears to have run on CBC News with an unidentified naked Roughrider in the frame:

That's likely a shot from the locker room in Moose Jaw, where the Riders were practicing indoors Wednesday, unlike the Tiger-Cats, who went out in the -16-degree Celsius (plus another 12 degrees of wind chill and snow) at Mosaic Stadium. [Update: Or maybe not. @SaskGatz says it's a picture from at least a month ago that's been passed around. Still funny regardless of when it occured, though.]

It's easy to see how this happened; lots of interviews are done in the locker room while players are changing, and the player in the background presumably wasn't noticed here. That does happen from time to time, but it's more typical in live post-game hits than in canned pieces, as editors will usually pull something like this out. They came up short this time, though.

This isn't exactly the easiest situation in the world to avoid, either. Some would say "Don't do video interviews in locker rooms," but while locker rooms are far from ideal locations for interviews of any kind, they're sometimes all you have to work with. Setting up a shot that won't possibly catch anyone changing isn't easy either, especially when there's a big media scrum like the one shown here, so the usual practice of just relying on editors to catch this is probably the most workable one for now. It didn't work this time, though, and that's led to another story about a full moon in Saskatchewan.