Darian Durant fined for inappropriate tweet to fan, but other fans support him

With the Saskatchewan Roughriders losing their last four games, plenty of Rider fans are blasting the team and its players, and quarterback Darian Durant elected to fire back at one on Twitter. He did so in a way that's going to lighten his pocketbook, though, swearing at a fan who criticized him Monday. Here's the (censored) exchange (Durant's since deleted his tweet, but it's preserved here):

The league was not amused, fining Durant Wednesday. Here's the CFL's statement on the matter:

The Canadian Football League announced today that it has fined Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Darian Durant for violating the CFL’s Social Media Policy by sending an offensive and inappropriate tweet in response to a CFL fan.

As per league policy, the amounts of the fines are not disclosed.

What's interesting is that many Saskatchewan fans are taking Durant's side here, though, and some are even offering to raise money for his fine. Here are some of those responses:

While Durant's response was clearly over the line, and the fine's deserved, it's understandable why he snapped. Lots of CFL players, and lots of Riders' players in particular, take endless criticism on social media, and it's tough to consistently turn the other cheek. Durant could have just ignored the tweet or could have responded in a less-offensive way, and he probably should have. He's made a mistake and paid the price, though, and it looks like plenty of fans are still going to be quite happy to support him. Now, if only he and the Riders could get back to winning games...