Fan Perspective: Chicago Sky’s Offseason Moves Look to Make Them Winners

The National Basketball Association (NBA) got off to a slow start this year. The bickering that went on cost the fans a lot of heartache and the teams a lot of money. Will they pay a price? So far they seem to have weathered the storm just fine

My team is the Chicago Bulls. They are leading the NBA with 35 wins.

The question that I initially had was whether or not the slow start of the National Basketball Association would give the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) a boost in popularity.

I also had been wondering specifically how my other Chicago team, the Chicago Sky , was going to approach this season. More importantly how would their "approach" help them against the league this year? After all, last year did not work out well.

The 2011 Season:

The Chicago Sky started the season in an exciting way. They won primarily on speed. They would get behind the defenses with their speed and the talent of star center Sylvia Fowles. Further the Sky had obtained the aggressive coach, Pokey Chatman.

At the beginning of the season new recruit Courtney Vandersloot out of Gonzaga University dazzled fans and opponents with her amazing passing ability. However during the season she seemed to lose her magic touch.

As an aside, Gonzaga routinely does well in the NCAA Annual Tourney and further shoots players to the pros despite the college's small size.

Unfortunately despite their high hopes and great start, the Chicago Sky faltered at the end of the season and did not make the playoffs. That was embarrassing since only four teams don't make the playoffs.

The 2012 Season:

I believe the powers that be in the Chicago Sky Organization got the right idea. Chicago was high on talent but short on experience.

Chicago has gone out and signed Ticha Penicheiro. Penicheiro has an all-time career assist record of 2,560. Further she is a four-time All-Star and has won a WNBA Championship. She has a 14-year career that is hard to match and brings just the kind of experience to the Sky that might get them over the hump.

Another "star" that Chicago signed was Ruth Riley. Riley is a 6'5" Olympian center who has won two WNBA Championships.

An important part of the Chicago Sky team last year was defensive specialist Tamera Young and she was re-signed.

What Chicago has done is combine outstanding young talent like Courtney Vandersloot and Sylvia Fowles and add great experience like Ruth Riley and Ticha Penicheiro. Additionally they have been wise in keeping good specialty players like Tamera Young.

I think it is going to be a great year to follow the Sky.

I just started following the Sky last year but have come to be addicted to WNBA basketball. I've been an NBA fan for over 50 years (the Celtics and Bulls), and I have been a middle school coach for more years than I care to count.

It's going to be fun to see whether or not Chicago has put all the right parts in place. I think they have.

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012