Zone Time: Stanley Cup parade predictions

Colorado fans have been waiting 21 years for this Stanley Cup but which of the Avalanche players will take most advantage of the celebrations?

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Moving on from the ice to the eventual cup parade, who will be the most lit at the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup parade? Who do you think it will be? Valeri Nichushkin.

OMAR: Huh.




SAM CHANG: Did you see his Instagram post last night?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: No. What were we missing?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Oh, I did see that.

SAM CHANG: I got show it to you.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, you got to describe-- you also got to describe it for our audio listeners who are very faithful, listen to the podcast every week. So people who listen over audio, however many of you.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: We appreciate every listener and viewer we get.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Not to spoil the surprise, but I believe it was a naked Nichushkin with a championship belt.


Covering the-- yeah. So we'll pull that up.

OMAR: Yeah.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I think [? Codger ?] is going to be in the running. I think Bowen Byram is going to be in the running.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I think he was into it. But there's a lot of good candidates.


OMAR: [LAUGHTER] Let's go.


OMAR: That's awesome.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Good Lord. OK. All right. We'll, good on big [? Val. ?]

OMAR: You have to think MacKinnon is going to be up there too. Because man, think of all the jokes about. MacKinnon's-- his routine, and his diet, and stuff. Do you think this-- now would be the time to cut loose. I finally did it. I think that's another person, I think, you can probably talk about being the most excited. He was jumping around screaming, with Landeskog was about to go get the puck-- [INAUDIBLE] pushed him.

I could see him. I could see him letting loose a little bit too. And I think-- I forgot who had the quote, but MacKinnon said something along the lines of-- I'm just paraphrasing here-- that, I [INAUDIBLE] parties, I think he would get the most drunk, or whatever.


OMAR: So now it'll be interesting to see the reversal. So MacKinnon, man, let loose, this is your time. This is your time, let go off. That'd be funny. It'd be funnier if he's the one who has the-- not really, that's the slur, but I guess the funny speech at the parade. Who wasn't for sure? Oh, my God. Like Corey Crawford. When he went up off on stage. It can be funny to see MacKinnon of let loose a little bit there.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Once seen MacKinnon eat quinoa out the Stanley Cup--


OMAR: Oh, that's going to happen.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Or chickpea pasta, or whatever. He just continues to maintain his diet. While eating out of the most illustrious trophy in pro sports.

SAM CHANG: Didn't he say he was-- he's like, I might get fat as shit, or something like that?


JULIAN MCKENZIE: So we might get Shake Shack. You're right.

OMAR: Embrace it. Embrace it. Yes.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I think Bowen Byram Oh, not Bowen Byram, [INAUDIBLE] party is going to be the most wholesome nice thing ever. It's going to be-- I want to see that for-- nice and respectful it's going to be, versus the most extreme party. I feel like the spectrum is going to be so wide between what we see with the Stanley Cup days, or what we don't see, I guess.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: You're going to see photos of his house. There's going to be charcuterie boards everywhere.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: I mean, nothing wrong with charcuterie boards, but they are wholesome.