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Will Zach Wilson have fantasy value in 2022?

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In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Liz Loza and Dalton Del Don look at the fantasy potential for the Jets' second-year quarterback.

Video Transcript

DALTON DEL DON: We can finish with Zach Wilson here before we talk to [INAUDIBLE] because I do have a take on him. I'm out. I'm worried about him. I love, love Elijah Moore. Absolutely. If he were in a different situation, I'm not kidding. I could see myself ranking more as like a top 10 fantasy QB. As is, I have him as my wide receiver-- sorry, wide receiver. I have him as my wide receiver 36, and ESR is wide receiver 30-- sorry, 28.

Some splits for you. With Elijah Moore, PPR last year with Joe Flacco, 29.6. With Josh Johnson, 27.4. Even with Mike White, 12. With Zach Wilson, he averaged 7.4 fantasy points per game, Elijah Moore.

So over the last three years, when you're going to count for yards per drop back. That's passing yards, and counting for like sack yards and scrambling yards, over the last three years, about 50 quarterbacks qualified. Zach Wilson is by far last. In fact, he's the only one to average fewer than five.

It was an ugly rookie season. Maybe you can throw it all out the window. They've made major upgrades. To me, I'm going to I'm in the prove it mode, and that's before we even get to his build and huge injury risk, too, which I actually think is more likely to be like-- he's going to deal with injuries, and we're still going to be like left with, we don't quite know, but there's also the risk that he's just really, really bad.

I mean dating back to his college stats, I mean, he was always the best-- he had the best teammates on the field by a mile every time he stepped out there, and there was a lot of concerns of why he was getting drafted so high. And to me, I still share them.

LIZ LOZA: No one in a single quarterback league is going to have to draft Zach Wilson. So if you are intrigued by him in super flex, the question that drafters-- ultimately you all listening-- are going to have to ask yourself is whether or not you believe the investment that the front office and the coaching staff have made in him are enough to get him over the hump.

And that is a personal choice. What you thought of him in college at BYU and whether those skills can translate and materialize on a pro NFL field is-- that's the question mark. That's what we're all waiting to see. Clearly the Jets, whether they believe it or not, are willing to throw a bunch of money at the hopes of it returning and-- returning on investment and happenings.

DALTON DEL DON: First of all, I hate hating on Zach Wilson right now, but I will admittedly say this. Drop rate over expected for 2021 quarterbacks, number one, Zach Wilson, number two, Trevor Lawrence. The guy dealt with a lot of drops over expectations. So there was some bad luck with those two. I'm just saying. I'm just-- I want to throw-- to be fair.

LIZ LOZA: Also Garrett Wilson was the most acrobatic, has the best body control of any receiver in this year's class. And so I do think that that will certainly help the drop rate along with--

DALTON DEL DON: Oh, definitely. I'm saying those guys suffered the two unluckiest quarterbacks last year, so they're due for positive regression, I'm saying, in fairness. I'm giving Wilson a hard time. Yeah, I'm just trying to be fair, yeah. Yeah.

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