Why the Raptors should stop doubling James Harden

The Toronto Raptors have been ultra aggressive against the Philadelphia 76ers in their playoff series and it hasn't yielded great results. Amit Mann and Jackson Frank discuss how it could be beneficial to play a less frantic brand of defence.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: Are you surprised how much they're doubling James in this series? Because I look at those two games at the end of the regular season and they were playing him pretty straight up for the most part. And it seems like they're hedging. They're containing. They're contesting. They're stunt and recovering.

And I'm just like at times, they're getting a little bit too aggressive. And James is making them pay. And that's to his credit. But I've personally been surprised by how aggressive they've been when it comes to doubling him when they already are doing this to Joel Embiid.

JACKSON FRANK: Yeah I think this might be the third pod of the day discussing this series.

AMIT MANN: So you're a pro then.

JACKSON FRANK: Yeah, I mean, might as well. So apologies if you're listening to all of this. You're going to hear some similar talking points. But hopefully, I can frame them in different ways to keep you off guard. But the biggest adjustment that I've offered that Toronto could make that could be the most beneficial is just playing hard and more straight up.

Because he doesn't have that same level of explosiveness that he had in the last year, or maybe two years ago, three years ago. Like I think you can trust an OG, or a Precious, or even a Pascal, a Scottie if he's available to just play straight. You don't need to help with the nail or from the strong side corner. I mean, the strong tight corner has been a total lapse in judgment-- just lapse in decision making I would say from Toronto's defenders this series so far, especially in the second quarter of game 2.

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