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Why James Conner could be a top 5 RB rest of season

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  • James Conner
    James Conner
    American football player

Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don delve into the Arizona RB's impressive stats after his huge Week 9 performance.

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Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: You mentioned the carnage and unpredictability of this week, and we're halfway through it. And this is the crazy part, too, because like, I always say this line from my friend, Sigmund Bloom from "Footballguys"-- you can be right and wrong about something in just the course of one season.

So I'm hoping that there are some guys that are going to turn the tide that were, maybe, disappointing in the first half, or maybe all these-- like James Conner, dude. James Conner, he's going to lead you to a fantasy championship at this point, if you drafted him. So it's like these weird heroes of the second half that you didn't see coming are now going to start to pop up. And I think that's one of the most exciting parts of the fantasy season.

DALTON DEL DON: Conner, specifically, I thought was egregiously ranked in our community, top 25 back last week, seen like 11.8 touches, relying on touchdowns, with Chase Edmonds there, against-- as 5 and 1/2 point underdogs. I thought that was just way too high. So then he goes out and he finishes as the RB1, scores three touchdowns. Of course, it helped that Edmonds left immediately. But pretty funny-- yeah, process doesn't need to always be right for the results to be there.

Now, Conner-- look at DFS. He's not priced as a top five guy, but he could easily be considered that, with Edmonds out of the way. I know there's Benjamin fans. But yeah, this last week-- funny you said that, because I was like, Conner? Why is everyone ranking up the top 25 guys sharing touches in a tough match-up without Kyler Murray?

And three touchdowns later, he leads the NFL in touchdowns. And he saw more targets and receptions in that game alone than he had all season before entering that week.

MATT HARMON: That's insane. I definitely feel like I had a couple of pro-James Conner moments on this podcast. And you were telling me, no, don't be falling from the James Conner thing. But it's one of those things, like chaos always hits. Chaos always finds a way to hit.

And I think this is also the time-- I just went through and ranked all the backup running backs that I'd want to have, going forward. And I think that's such a crucial thing at this point, because who could be the next James Conner? Like Sony Michel-- that guy should be on rosters across fantasy.

He should be 100% rostered, because Darrell Henderson's carries have started to drop. We know he's a guy that has gotten banged up before. I'm so off the outline now. We're just like randomly talking about stuff.

But Sony Michel-- this is the time of year to-- who's to say in December he doesn't have, like, four RB1 weeks and wins you a title? That's the type of stuff that can happen at this point, going forward.

DALTON DEL DON: 100% agree with you on Sony Michel. And to circle back with Conner, I was the guy who stupidly drafted him too high in previous years with the Steelers, because he is a three down capable back. He can be a receiver and a goal line guy. And he took over a role there that Kenyan Drake finished, I think, second in the league in goal line carries last year.

Arizona has a lot of open carries there. And that team is awesome, man. Kyler Murray goes down, and they still just whup the Niners, our Niners. I mean, their defense is legit. Their defense is legit.

So yeah, Conner there now-- he might have been a little bit TD dependent, a little lucky how he's getting the fantasy points. But boy, moving forward, with that role, he could be a top five fantasy back easy.


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