Why Blue Jays are allowing Ross Stripling to pitch deeper into games

Blue Jays manager John Schneider praised Ross Stripling's ability to execute a game plan as the right-hander has started to consistently log longer outings.

Video Transcript

- Strip, as he continues to just be on a roll-- the fact that he's carrying innings on a more consistent basis now compared to earlier in the season, is there-- is this part of that he's just a bit more built up than maybe when he initially jumped into the rotation? Or are there some things that are different that are allowing him to be a bit more consistent right now, in terms of getting you guys deeper into games?

JOHN SCHNEIDER: Yeah I mean, I think the buildup, yeah, that's a natural progression for him. But I think the actual execution of the stuff has gotten better as he's gone along, too. So you know, when you're talking about executing a game plan, he's probably, you know, way up there in terms of doing it.

Every pitch has a purpose, whether it's a soft pop-up, or a strikeout, or a groundout. You know, him and executing it, keeping his pitch count in order. Score dictates a lot, too, but you know, him doing what he's been doing allows him to keep going.