Where will Ezekiel Elliott land next season? I You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports' Charles McDonald and Jori Epstein discuss the future of Ezekiel Elliott. Will the running back play in the NFL next season, and if so, where? Hear the full conversation on You Pod To Win The Game. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


JORI EPSTEIN: And then you have a guy like Ezekiel Elliott, who I, obviously, was with in Dallas for those seven years. And I get that he's not as efficient as he used to be. He averaged 3.8 yards per carry last year-- his first season below 4 yards per carry.

But my thing is this is a guy who still had 12 rushing touchdowns last year, last year, not five years ago, not four years ago. He had 10 the year before. He had double digits three of the last four years. He had 12 touchdowns last year, while sharing the carries with Tony Pollard, who, obviously, was a more explosive back, while Zeke was more of the power back. And in goal line situations, he's really, really effective.

The team didn't offer him what he thought he was worth when he left the Cowboys. I know some people like to say, yeah, maybe he'll end up back in Dallas. Dak would love to have him. He's not ending up back in Dallas. But I think--

CHARLES MCDONALD: Why not, though? That's what I was about to ask you. Why not?

JORI EPSTEIN: Why not? Because they've decided they've moved on. They don't want to move on from players like Zeke. So when they do, it's like, this is where we're at.

CHARLES MCDONALD: But I do wonder if like once we get into training camp, because that's when you also start to see some of these veteran signings get knocked off, like once camp starts and teams are like, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, we way overestimated what we had in this guy at this position. I wonder if they're going to look at this and say, OK, maybe Ronald Jones in a right world can be your RB2, but it didn't happen for him in a multitude of spots now.

And even like in Kansas City, where that's a backfield where you really could be able to separate yourself from the rest of the guys, and it didn't kind of happen. Deuce Vaughn, that was a great story. But my man is like 5' 5". I don't know if like--

JORI EPSTEIN: What have you got against us short people?

CHARLES MCDONALD: Not short people. I'm just saying, the best one ever, Darren Sproles, even he was never like a full-time starting running back. So I think you just need-- you need a little bit of a buffer. They're a little bit too green for me behind Pollard. And I think Zeke would make a big difference there.

But like you said, you're way more informed than I am. So I'm just going to say, Jerry, if you're listening to this, which I know you definitely are.

JORI EPSTEIN: Definitely.

CHARLES MCDONALD: You just heard the case. You just heard the case. All right, help Dak bring his bud back, and go win a Super Bowl.